Sunday, March 14, 2010


Okay. So, we've decided to go with a cocktail-party style reception, catered by a Brooklyn-based caterer called Cobblestone Foods. They cost a teensy bit more than we'd hoped, but they're great. They've worked at the Dumbo Arts Center before, they're really professional, and they'll take care of everything. We'll have about three hors d'ouevres, soft drinks/juice/etc., beer, wine, and maybe a signature cocktail. (We have to price out the booze!)

We still have to figure out our dessert situation. One idea I had was to get a very small, very pretty cake for "ceremonial purposes" and then a large sheet cake for everyone. Another good idea is the, evidently Midwestern, tradition of a cookie table. Any guest that wanted to could bring a couple dozen cookies and contribute to our dessert.

Anyone else have any good ideas? Now we're down to the fun stuff!