Monday, January 25, 2010

Planning Paralysis

Whether it was because I started back at work and school, or because we're just natural procrastinators, Chris and I completely just stopped wedding planning. We'd muse fantastically about our plans, and neither of us is unexcited about our upcoming nuptials, but neither of us was taking the initiative to do any of the important stuff. And then the new year hit. And then an email from Caryn, happily noting we had five months left to plan. Crap.

So, we're meeting with a caterer on Tuesday who, for $3,000, would supply a buffet, tables, chairs, set-up, and service. This would eat up a huge chunk of our budget, but it would save a ton of trouble. We might do this.

We also have a very, very daunting checklist ahead, but we'll manage. Expect invites in April...

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