Friday, April 2, 2010

In other news...

Ok. So, I suck at blogging.

Here are some updates.

1. The wedding reception will be a cocktail party style affair. It will probably run from about 2:30-5:30. There should be awesome live music for an hour in the middle of things and an hour for corny toasts and cake.

2. The wedding ceremony is still a little less planned. People should gather at noon and the walking should start at 12:15-30ish. We know that most people will be standing, though we'll have ten chairs for anyone who needs to sit. We need to figure out who will make us a chuppah. We need to confirm an officiant. We need to figure out how we'll play our song while I walk down the aisle. (Get batteries for my iPod dock...?)

3.I know that my friend Stef, an awesome photographer, will take the posed pictures. We hope that everyone else will take a lot of fun candid shots throughout the wedding and reception and email us good ones. We'll put the ones we like on a web site and people can order prints, if they want...

4- Our awesome friends Chris and Emma are making our invitations. They will, hopefully, be ready for mailing in about 10 days (2 weeks max).

5. We need to figure out cake and booze and coffee. Anyone with ideas may weigh in!

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  1. Another awesome idea for pictures is to get a few of those disposable cameras and leave them laying around with a note that says to take pictures! It's a fun thing for guests to do and then you'll have lots of cheap pictures!