Sunday, May 23, 2010

So, I still suck at blogging...

But I'm trying to get better!

The wedding's in a few weeks (I refuse to count the days; it's too stressful). A few of you have asked if there's anything you can do to help, so here are some ideas! Love you all, whether you can lend a hand or not! ;)

1. Figure out what background music to play while everyone but me walks down the aisle (we have a special song for that)

2. Figure out what appropriate iPod dock volume to play it at and who will man the iPod dock.

3. Figure out who will help set up the aisle and chairs.

4. Figure out who, with a car, can pick up our booze (and this might need to be at two places-- a beer distributor and Trader Joe's)
* We're not sure exactly where/how to store the booze and get it to the wedding. We could keep it at our apartment and then Chris and his brothers can take it in a cab to the wedding, though anyone with any other suggestions is welcome to share them!
* We were considering getting a keg, 'cause we're classy like that, but we're not sure how we'd keep it cold 'til Sunday afternoon
* We also want to get a case of Martinelli's because we'll have a lot of non-drinkers in attendance who we'd like to share a toast with us. Any clue where to get this?

5. Figure out who will pick up cake, plates, forks at Costco
* anyone with a membership want to take this on? Otherwise, we'll get a membership and someone with a car can go for us...

(PS: This is Liz, not Chris! He was accidentally logged on. Not that it matters...)

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  1. Do you still need a membership to Costco? I have one.